This page lists some of the endearing terminology male homosexuals use or have used to refer to their diverse sexual practices.(1-3) Not all terms are currently in vogue. See also the comment following the list.

  • AC/DC: bisexual (or a homosexual who hides his lifestyle).
  • ANILINGUS: oral stimulation of the anus .
  • AUNTIE: an aging homosexual.
  • BACK YARD: the buttocks.
  • BANANA: the penis.
  • BASKET SHOPPING: a homosexual observing another man's genitals through clothing.
  • BEAR: a large, hairy male.
  • BOTTOM: a homosexual who likes to be at the bottom during sex.
  • BREEDER: an impolite manner of referring to heterosexuals.
  • BRONCO: a young homosexual male who is difficult to restrain during intercourse.
  • BROWN: to perform anal intercourse.
  • BROWNIE QUEEN: passive partner in anal intercourse.
  • BUGGERY: the act of anal intercourse.
  • BULL-DYKE: a masculine female homosexual.
  • BUMMER: active partner in anal sex.
  • BUNS: buttocks.
  • BUTCH: a masculine homosexual.
  • CAMP: be obviously and obnoxiously homosexual.
  • CAN: the buttocks.
  • CANDY MAKER: a homosexual who masturbates a man and then consumes his ejaculate.
  • CHANGE YOUR LUCK: to engage in a homosexual sex act for the first time.
  • CHICKEN: a young (boy) homosexual.
  • CHICKEN DINNER: sex with an underage boy.
  • CHICKEN HAWK: a homosexual who seeks underage boys to have sex with.
  • CIRCLE JERK: a homosexual group sex activity in which several people link by masturbatory connections, often many ejaculating on one.
  • CLOSET QUEEN: an insult that refers to a currently inactive homosexual or one who denies or suppresses his homosexual feelings.
  • COFFIN QUEEN: a homosexual who prefers to sodomize dead bodies.
  • CORNHOLE: anus.
  • COTTAGING: The use of public toilets as a venue for meeting sexual partners.
  • CRUISING: looking for sex, especially in public restrooms.
  • DAISY CHAIN: a homosexual group sex activity in which several people link via genital/anal-oral connections.
  • DIDDLE: masturbate.
  • DO: suck a penis.
  • DO FOR TRADE: give him some homosexual action.
  • DOSE: gonorrhea or other venereal disease.
  • DRAG: dressing as a woman.
  • DRAG KING: a woman who prefers to dress like a man.
  • DRAG QUEEN: a male homosexual in drag.
  • DRIVE IT HOME: forceful intercourse.
  • EAT: to perform oral intercourse.
  • EAT JAM: to lick or suck the anus.
  • EXHAUST PIPE: rectal opening.
  • EYE: anus.
  • EYE DOCTOR: a homosexual that inserts his penis into another’s rectum.
  • FAG HAG: a woman who is attracted to male homosexuals.
  • FAIRY: a male homosexual.
  • FI: a female impersonator.
  • FIFTH WHEEL: a heterosexual in a homosexual group.
  • FISH: contemptuous term for a woman.
  • FISH WIFE: a male homosexual’s real wife.
  • FRUIT: a male homosexual.
  • FRUIT FLY: same as fag hag.
  • FULL HOUSE: having more than one venereal disease at the same time.
  • GAY DIRT: an attractive young man paid by the police to trap homosexuals.
  • GIRL: a behaviorally feminine male homosexual.
  • GLORY HOLE: an opening in the partition between adjacent commode stalls in a men's restroom to enable a homosexual to offer his penis to an anonymous homosexual in an adjacent stall.
  • GOLDEN QUEEN: a homosexual who relishes being urinated upon while masturbating.
  • GOLDEN RETRIEVER: a urinal.
  • GOLDEN SHOWER: being bathed in urine sprinkled from a penis or vagina.
  • GREEK: to perform anal intercourse.
  • GRIMM’S FAIRY: an older male homosexual.
  • HANDBALLING: inserting the fist and often part of the forearm into the rectum.
  • HUSTLER: a male prostitute.
  • INTERSPECIES LOVER: a homosexual who likes sex with animals.
  • LAVENDER: pertaining to the homosexual lifestyle.
  • MARY: a man acting like a woman.
  • MEAT: penis.
  • MUDMEN: homosexuals that derive sexual pleasure by playing with feces.
  • MUD GAMES: rubbing feces and playing with it during sex.
  • NELLY: a behaviorally feminine male homosexual.
  • OLD DIRT ROAD: using the anus for intercourse.
  • OLD MAN: one who supports a younger sex partner.
  • PANSY: a male homosexual.
  • PEARL DIVER: one who orally stimulates a penis.
  • PICKUP: a stranger who is induced to go elsewhere for sex.
  • PISS HARD ON: an erect penis caused by the need to urinate.
  • POCKET POOL: masturbating through a pants' pocket.
  • PUNK: a male prostitute.
  • QUEEN: a behaviorally feminine homosexual.
  • RG: a real girl (not a homosexual).
  • RIMMING: stimulating the perianal region with one’s tongue.
  • ROUGH TRADE: a vicious or dangerous homosexual.
  • SAPPHO DADDY-O: a heterosexual man who likes to associate with homosexual women; the male equivalent of a fag hag.
  • SEAFOOD: a homosexual sailor.
  • SCATTING: the act of defecating on a partner.
  • SLURPING: using a straw to suck semen ejaculated into the rectum of a partner.
  • SUGAR DADDY: a man who keeps a younger male for sexual favors.
  • SWISH: a man who behaves in a feminine manner.
  • SWITCH HITTER: a bisexual.
  • TEA-ROOM/T-Room: A public rest room homosexuals frequent for sex.
  • THIRD SEX: a homosexual’s tongue.
  • TOP: a term used by homosexuals to indicate that they like being on top during sex.
  • TRADE: a homosexual looking for action.
  • TRICK: a partner during a transient homosexual encounter.
  • TROLL: a ‘cruising’ homosexual who forces himself upon other homosexuals.
  • TROUBLE: a butch who is likely to cause trouble.
  • TWINKIE: a young and fresh-looking homosexual.
  • VACUUM CLEANER: one who applies great suction during oral sex.
  • VANILLA: sex limited to affection, mutual masturbation, oral sex, and anal sex.
  • WALLOWING: the act of defecating on a partner.
  • WATER SPORTS: playing with urine during sexual activity.
  • WRINKLE- ROOM: a homosexual bar frequented by aging homosexuals.


Gay slang is not a modern phenomenon. In the 18th century, the molly subculture of London used gay slang, which was a modification of thieves’ speak and slang used by prostitutes.(4) Gay slang was also a part of homosexual subcultures in 16th century Italy and 17th century Portugal, Spain, and France. In the 1730s, Dutch homosexuals talked to each other in what they called op zijn janmeisjes, i.e., “John girlish.”(5) Much earlier, the transgendered priests of the Goddess Cotytto had an “obscene lingo” of their own.(6, 7) In 1950s Britain, the jury presiding over a homosexual trial had to be provided a glossary of queer terms to enable them to understand the testimony they were about to hear.(8) A brief examination of the listings above and history(6, 7) shows that the bulk of gay slang originates within the homosexual community and is used by homosexuals for the purposes of “cultural solidarity,” but not a desire to cope with or undermine straight culture or to convey secret messages.(6, 7) Such facts about gay slang undermine the argument of social constructionists that homosexual culture is determined by the structures and labels imposed upon it by mainstream society.(6, 7) Furthermore, the origin of some gay slang words is unknown to both homosexuals and heterosexuals, i.e., the social constructionist argument that the ruling class uses labels to control minority cultures is not supported by the existence of gay slang words of unknown origin.(6, 7) For instance, xia zhuan, i.e., “intimacy with a brick” is slang for homosexuality in Japanese, and has an unknown origin.(7) Similarly, the origin of “faggot” is obscure; it first appeared in 1914 America, when “fagots,” i.e., “sissies” were described as going to a “drag ball.” Rev. Fred Phelps has noted that just as a fagot is a bundle of sticks that fuels fire, homosexuals fuel the wrath of God, and are appropriately addressed as faggots or fags in short, but this is not what explains the origin of “faggot.” Likewise, it is not clear how “queer” came to be associated with homosexuals.(6, 7)


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