The Latvian Attitude toward Gay Pride

How do Latvians deal with gay pride? They shower homosexuals with human feces, eggs and rotten food!

Latvia Pride Trashed, Mobs Throw Human Excrement

by Rex Wockner

Latvians protesting gay pride in August 2006.

Latvians protesting gay pride in August 2006.

The second effort to stage a gay pride parade in Riga, Latvia, was an unmitigated disaster July 22.

The City Council and a court banned the parade, claiming police would not be able to protect marchers from marauding homophobic mobs. So, activists instead staged a religious service at a church and meetings at a hotel.

But the homophobes were not deterred by the change in plans. Scores of anti-gay protesters gathered outside the Anglican church and flung human excrement, eggs and rotten food at gays and lesbians as they left the building.

“I was hit with a bag full of shit and had to go wash up,” said the Rev. Maris Sants. “Protesters threw human excrement on us,” said the Rev. Juris Calitis. “I was covered with it from head to foot. It was quite smelly.”

“Worshippers were pelted with shit and rotten fruit,” said British participant Peter Tatchell. “Despite previously requesting police protection, no police were present to protect the congregation.”

Activists meeting later in the day at the four-star Reval Hotel met a similar fate, attracting hundreds of anti-gay demonstrators. “ [ We were ] under siege all day by protesters from the anti-gay ‘No Pride’ movement—a highly organized alliance of Christian fundamentalists, ultra-nationalists and neo-Nazis,” said Tatchell. “They roamed the streets outside the hotel looking for gays and lesbians to attack. Anyone who looked gay was liable to abuse and assault, even passing tourists. The police seemed to stand back and let them terrorize people with impunity.”

Blogging live from the site, Russian participant Nikolai Alekseev reported: “As the speeches of local politicians and foreign politicians are coming to an end ... in a room where 100 gays and lesbians came to celebrate what should have been Riga’s 2nd Gay Pride, protesters started to attack those going out of the hotel.

“The first taxi that was trying to take one of the organizers was attacked by the protesters who pushed the cars [ and ] threw eggs under the eyes of the police. Journalists were also attacked with eggs and water—on them and on their cameras. Protesters are targeting anyone going out of the hotel.

“Today, Latvia does not show the face of a modern and democratic country,” Alekseev said. “Instead, Riga is showing the face of homophobic fascism. ... It feels like [ this year’s ] Moscow [ pride ] all over again. Homophobic mobs are roaming the streets of Riga with apparent impunity.”

Reports said 14 protesters were arrested during the various confrontations.

Latvia’s prime minister, Aigars Kalvitis, and president, Vaira Vike-Freiberga, disagreed with the City Council and the Regional Administrative Court, and had urged that the parade be permitted.

“It lies at the very foundations of the Constitution of Latvia that human rights shall be respected in Latvia without any discrimination, which means that nobody can be restricted in his/her activities based on his/her religious beliefs, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender or belonging to some other group,” Vike-Freiberga said. “Furthermore, the Constitution guarantees to the residents of Latvia the right to the freedom of speech and assembly.”

On July 24, the pride organizing group, Mozaika, announced plans to “sue the City of Riga in the European Court of Human Rights for banning the march.”

“The presidency of the European Union is now held by Finland, which will put the Riga Pride events at the top of a list of discussions at a meeting of European Ministers of Justice next week,” the group’s cofounder, Laris Grava, said in a press release. “We expect severe condemnation of the government of Latvia from other European governments.”

Last year, gays were allowed to stage Riga’s first pride parade. The approximately 150 marchers were heavily outnumbered by around 1,000 anti-gay protesters who hurled insults, bottles and rotten eggs; blocked the streets; and forced the parade to be rerouted. The protesters chanted “No sodomy” and “Gays fuck the nation.”

Prime Minister Kalvitis opposed last year’s march, denouncing it as “a parade of sexual minorities [ taking ] place in the middle of our capital city next to the Dom [ Cathedral ] . This is not acceptable,” he said. “Latvia is a state based on Christian values. We cannot promote things that are unacceptable to a large part of society.”

But Kalvitis later had an apparent change of heart, saying: “There were attempts to link my statements with expressions of homophobic views and hate in the society. This is not true.

“Latvia is a democratic country that wishes and is able to ensure human rights of every person living here. [ T ] he government of Latvia is clearly against discrimination of any kind. It is worth noting that not long before the parade the Cabinet of Ministers adopted decisions preventing discrimination of sexual minorities in [ the ] labor market.”

At Moscow’s first gay pride parade May 27, which Alekseev co-organized, marchers attempted to lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and then walk a few blocks for a rally across from City Hall. They were attacked repeatedly by neo-fascists, skinheads, militant Christians and riot police. Several marchers were injured.

Mayor Yuri Luzhkov had banned that march, saying Russia’s “morals are cleaner” than those of “the West.” He called the attempt to lay flowers a “desecration ... a provocation [ and ] a contamination. People burst through and of course they beat them up,” he said.

Comment: Protest in this form is obviously socially unacceptable. However, when the tables are turned, i.e., critiquing/protesting homosexuality is a criminal offense, then we observe the following during gay pride events.

Some pictures from the 2004 Toronto dyke and gay pride parades are shown below.

Nude lesbians in the 2004 Toronto dyke pride parade.

A semi-nude lesbian in the 2004 Toronto dyke pride parade.

A bare-breasted lesbian with pierced nipples in the 2004 Toronto dyke parade.

A nude male homosexual in the 2004 Toronto gay pride parade.

A nude male homosexual in the 2004 Toronto gay pride parade.

Nude male homosexual in the 2004 Toronto gay pride parade.

A picture from a 2004 Gay pride event in Amsterdam, Netherlands is shown below; you can see the video at

Homosexuals dancing lewdly during the 2004 gay pride parade in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

An approach in between these extremes is required, whereby people opposed to homosexual behavior can peacefully protest, and homosexual and bisexual individuals participate in a public parade that avoids nudity, simulated sex acts and actual sexual activity. However, this balance is easier wished for than achieved.

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This story makes my day everytime I see it.  Its nice to see women feminine and true enought not to fall for the homosexual line and to see a community come together to oppose perversion and its glorification

Posted by Marwan Boustany on February 11, 2007 at 01:59 PM | #

See , i never could understand why such people like gays & lesbians exist ? ,they are revolting
and pathetic .. There Must be a Law to Stop them , they didn’t respect their humanity ? why should we respect them in return ?.

Posted by MAZ on February 13, 2007 at 01:28 AM | #

Maz: Extreme behaviors on the part of some homosexuals should not be assumed to be a characteristic of all of them.  I don’t think you will like my argument that homosexuals exist because they are born that way.  As to not respecting them because they “don’t respect their humanity,” it is generally a good idea to hold oneself to higher standards than the people one dislikes.  In other words, something along the lines of a peaceful protest rather than the behavior of the Latvians above is preferable.

Posted by Erik on February 13, 2007 at 09:06 PM | #

I find it amazing that people will generalize a population according to the few that are high profile.  I’m not condoning the displays of nudity, however, if all they did was display nudity I can assure you that throwing feces on people was FAR worse.  What makes people think homosexuals are perverts and should have laws to “stop them?” Stop them from what?  What would you suggest society do, put us in concentration camps.  On the same note, heterosexuals may not understand why some homosexuals perform such enormous displays of “perversion.” Maybe, just maybe, they do this in the same way a 2 year old will go above and beyond what they’re not supposed to do in order to gain attention.  When people have been oppressed, and oppressed, and oppressed for so long it’s bound to cause a little overload when something happens.  However, the generalization about homosexuals as being perverted or deviants is incredibly one-sided by the heterosexual community.  Not one single heterosexual person can say that there isn’t the same amount of perversion from the heterosexuals.  If you do try to argue against that point, your just a liar.

Posted by Robert Williamson on March 20, 2007 at 06:30 PM | #

Robert: Many communities have pride parades or cultural celebrations, but apart from gay/lesbian pride parades, you don’t see the participants displaying cross-dressing, nudity, simulated sexual activity and S&M;paraphernalia on a regular basis.  Therefore, is it surprising that people associate a GLBT orientation with “perversion” and deviance?  And please, don’t blame it on a history of oppression.  When apartheid ended in South Africa, did the African masses, finally freed of oppression, celebrate their freedom like the GLBT community does and decide to regularly commemorate their freedom in this manner?

There is a big sexuality section within this site citing evidence that deviate/bizarre sexual practices are much more common among homosexual and bisexual individuals compared to heterosexual individuals.  Therefore, do not call me a liar.

Posted by Erik on May 09, 2007 at 07:05 PM | #

ERIK: you took what I said out of context.My coment about being a liar was that if you try to argue that heterosexuals are not or do not display actions of perversion.  Also, I did say that I did not condone the actions of public nudity and public displays in a sexual manner.  However, when you mentioned South Africa you were also not in relevance to the subject.  If you want to talk about Apartheid then you need to know the facts.  Apartheid was entirely different than the oppression the homosexual community has and does face today.  Apartheid was strictly segregation.  During that time there were riots, death, indefinate imprisonment in harsh conditions, and the list goes on.  These people did indeed fight back and with bloodshed.  I think you way out of line in trying to show a similarity in a gay pride event and Apartheid.  Hell, the name Africa comes from the word Afrikaner which means seperation.  Gay people around the world has grown up in a christian heterosexual society.  They have watched their loved ones and friends demean and degrade all homosexuals; with many of these families not knowing their loved one was gay.  This caused many of them to hide who they were.  People were beaten, killed, literally had their lives destroyed for being gay.  I cannot remember an incident where a pride event or group of gay people ever caused bloodshed, death, etc… So, if you want to compare isolated incidents of nudity or sexual acts as the same as apartheid, you are in severe need of taking a research class.  Again, I’m not condoning the acts of nudity or public sex in any way.  But I don’t think you have a right to indicate this is the norm for all gay people.  On the case of perversion, heterosexual people have quite a taste for perversion.  Please don’t try and indicate perversion as a trait for gay people alone.  Also, Apartheid is hardly over.  Apartheid was a term for the actual system the government used to control non-whites in South Africa.  Since Apartheid was so recently abolished, do you really think the discimination and oppression were abolished at the same time?  I’m sure there are many non-whites in South Africa that would disagree with you.

Posted by Robert Williamson on May 10, 2007 at 01:35 AM | #

Wow, Canadians have relly small penises. But, did you check out that big, thick, beautiful piece of meat that man from Amsterdam was sporting? Nice. Not many of them to a pound! Hey, I know you looked. You must be gay, too!

Posted by Penis envy on May 10, 2007 at 09:03 AM | #

Robert:  I haven’t taken your comment out of context; it is you who has failed to understand my response and presented a ludicrous caricature of it.  I have not tried to draw a comparison between apartheid and anti-gay oppression, but simply responded to your assertion explaining the celebratory behavior of the GLBT community as a response to oppression.  The African community was oppressed, but after becoming free, it certainly didn’t celebrate freedom GLBT community-style.  Speaking of post-apartheid discrimination and oppression, yes these things exist, but the victims are different.  Whites have been increasingly losing jobs to affirmative action and are slowly being ethnically cleansed.

I have had enough of your repeated references to the alleged argument on my part that heterosexuals do not indulge in “perversions.” Of course some of them do, but a far lesser proportion than among homosexuals and bisexuals.

Posted by Erik on May 11, 2007 at 06:50 AM | #

The hypocrisy is astonishing. If one disagrees with “deviance” and “perversity,” perhaps one’s protest would be more convincing if one did not lower one’s self to far more base extremes of the same.

I’m appalled by, and not at all proud of, unwelcome displays of sex and nudity at Pride parades; but the counter-protesters described above have sunk to malice, lawlessness, filthiness and perversity of a far graver sort. :(

Posted by Jordan on June 09, 2007 at 11:06 PM | #

In carnivals all over the world men and women parade the streets (semi-)naked, crossdressing, drunk, ...
These parades historically stem from “feast days” where people would enjoy abundance after the traditional religious fasting, at least in Christian tradition this is the background.
Feast after fasting: people would drink, dance, put on funny plays, cross dress, ...
The social function of these feast days was to give people the opportunity to vent, after another year of being good citizens.
One day to be someone else and to be outrageous.
And that is exactly what these carnivals, mardi gras’, saint patrick’s days, gay prides still are: regular people dressing up, undressing, getting drunk, being outrageous – because one day every year they take a day off of their daily selves.

Posted by SMQT on July 05, 2007 at 11:20 PM | #

This site is unbelievable. There are so many studies of limited value - and often very old - that are paraded to back-up points of view. There are many studies everywhere that can prove just about anything. This site has a very unhealthy and self-righteous attitude to people, promotes intolerance and in the UK some of the comments would be illegal as they are discriminatory.

The sad story above shows what happens when the national police fails to protect its citizens. In the USA this alone is grounds to claim and receive political asylum, as it is seen as a significant breech of an individual’s human rights. How any of the people who have commented here can condone such illegal and ungodly behaviour astounds me. Mob rule has no place in a civilised society. You may not like gay people, but these people were not breaking laws. Are you suggesting that there should be laws to restrict and control gay people. The last time we had these was in Nazi Germany, South Africa - oh and plenty of similar laws against Black Americans until very recent times.

Posted by Trevor on August 07, 2007 at 09:31 AM | #

Its hard to make an arguement when gay people go marching in the buff. This would be a turn off for any group --- the in-your-face approach. Its a shame the gays couldn’t do their march with more class. You don’t have to be what others tell you you are.

Posted by Parick on August 11, 2007 at 11:25 AM | #

The thing I don’t like about homos is the IN YOUR FACE attitude they have.  You don’t see heterosexuals parading around, flaunting their sexuality.  Keep your perversions to yourself. zipper

Posted by tabingins911 on August 19, 2007 at 07:11 AM | #

I am very shocked by tabingins911’s comments. As was posted earlier, loads of people have attitude and it has nothing to do with sex. You do see heterosexuals parading around flaunting their sexuality all over the world: the carnivals of South America, the parades in Spain and Germany, rites and ceremonies across Africa. Most people in the world seem to have ways of expressing themselves and sometimes it involves nudity. The human body was designed and created by God and is not offensive. Do you think it is perverted to be naked? The Christian thing to do would be to try to understand and preach acceptance. I saw two heterosexuals kissing and touching each other in public recently - they were certainly flaunting themselves and I thought to myself - whatever - they are not hurting anyone and they are happy - a rare thing in this world of ours.

Posted by Trevor on September 07, 2007 at 08:45 AM | #

You don’t see us heterosexuals parading around, tabingins911, because we are the dominant social force.  We are in everyone elses faces, all the time.  This site is an embarrasment to straight people everywhere.

Posted by Colin on September 13, 2007 at 01:52 AM | #

Your site is interesting, I will visit every day. Thanks

Posted by Doodlijk on October 26, 2007 at 02:43 PM | #

Gays are great, gays are good, and I thank them for your site.... amen.

Posted by drew on November 05, 2007 at 09:20 PM | #

I think anyone maintaining this site has an abnormal fear of gay people and is deep down gay himself, but just can’t deal with it.  The latent gay is always the gay that attacks other gay people as they feel they are about to be “exposed” to the world for their love of homosexual activities.  They cruise airport restrooms (Senator Craig anyone!!), rest areas along the highway, department store men’s rooms, and gyms and the like.  They have anonymous sex and are filled with intense shame and self hate.  To distract others from thinking they might be gay, they often boast of their “heterosexual conquests” which don’t really exist, they try to over compensate by making up ludicrous websites such as this, and they attack gay people much the way the Catholic Church does (they need to cover up the fact that 80-90 percent of all priests and nuns are homosexual).
So there you have it on a plate so to speak. 

That’s life, Celebrate it, Celebrate your own self and your own life.  Don’t let hate ruin your life such as the Monster that perpetuates this site.  He does a disservice to himself on a daily basis and must be in horrible mental pain in order to keep this going, he obviously is also a loner, with no friends and needs attention, doesn’t know how to have any sort of successful relationship with other human beings and is isolated from humanity. 

I PITY YOU MY FRIEND.  WHAT A HORRIBLE BURDEN YOU MUST FEEL INSIDE, ALL THAT EMPTINESS, THAT PAIN, IT HAS SERVED YOU NOT SO WELL HAS IT?  I feel sad for you, I don’t hate you, I just feel sad that people like you breathe the same air as the rest of us and are allowed to live on this planet.  You, my friend, are a pathetic self hating loser.

Posted by Heath Ledgerland on December 17, 2007 at 02:55 PM | #

Erik, I’ve been away from this site for a while and it’s time I responded to the last comments left by you.

I understood your response, and at no time did a assume to draw any type of “caricature” about it.  You are mistaken in your statement, “I have not tried to draw a comparison between apartheid and anti-gay oppression, but simply responded to your assertion explaining the celebratory behavior of the GLBT community as a response to oppression.” Your statement was “When apartheid ended in South Africa, did the African masses, finally freed of oppression, celebrate their freedom like the GLBT community does and decide to regularly commemorate their freedom in this manner?

Actually your right, they did’nt at that time.  What they did was rebel. The bloodshed was the result of a group oppressed for so long and in such a heinous way.  And yes, they do celebrate it’s aniversary.  There is a huge difference in a race and a population like homosexuals.  A homosexual isnt in a geographic region, they arent of a particular country, religion, sect, etc… they are all over the world, in every culture and social group.  These are people that were persecuted by everyone all over the world.  These are people that have been oppressed by all races, all religions, the old, the young, men, women, and their own families.  These are a group of people that have had to hide their entire lives for fear of being rejected by everyone, for fear of physical harm, etc… I don’t think, in today’s world, you can be killed BY LAW because your black, asian, christain, etc… But you CAN if your homosexual.  I would love to see your argument for that one.  I will state again, there has not been a homosexual event turn into something like the Los Angeles Riots which resulted in an oppresive/ethnically related event.

Again, your absolutely stupid if you think heterosexuals are far more less likely to be perversive than homosexuals.  Have you ever turned on your TV?  When was the last time you watched the news?  Hell, take out your binoculars and watch your neighbor for a couple days, you’ll probably want to move!!

Posted by Robert Williamson on January 16, 2008 at 07:49 AM | #

Robert Williamson:  You wrote,

Again, your absolutely stupid if you think heterosexuals are far more less likely to be perversive than homosexuals.  Have you ever turned on your TV?  When was the last time you watched the news?  Hell, take out your binoculars and watch your neighbor for a couple days, you’ll probably want to move!!

Viewing your TV or spying on your neighbors won’t give you any data on the prevalence and incidence of paraphilia amongst exclusive heterosexuals versus homosexuals and bisexuals.  There are studies—and Eric has cited them on numerous occassions—that do show that the prevalence of paraphilia is greater amongst homosexuals and bisexuals relative to heterosexuals.

I don’t know of anyone—including Eric—that argues that parahilia is confined to homosexuals and bisexuals.  No-one is arguing that point.

Furthermore, the notion that agreement with your unfounded opinion serves as a criterion for determining stupidity is risible.

Rather than name call and tilt at straw men of your own fabrication why not channel your enthusiasm into presenting an argument that addresses the argument actually presented by Eric. 

-Peter Z

Posted by Peter Z on February 17, 2008 at 01:49 AM | #

Peter Z, exactly what is the “argument actually presented by Eric”?  You can disagree all you want, and you can refer that a study has been done but most people don’t talk about what goes on behind closed doors.  The studies cited are not accurate, the sampling is not approrpiate, and the age of most studies that are cited is ridiculous and not an accurate interpretation of TODAY.  You can’t argue your point when part of the studies your citing are 14+ years old. 

But, it makes no matter, most people on here that make arguments for the heterosexual side regarding the articles on this website are doing so only from their ignorance and hatred of homosexuals and not from actual facts and statistics.

Posted by Robert Williamson on May 10, 2008 at 02:26 AM | #

Thanks for this post. I support the Russian and Latvian approach to suppressing homosexual shame parades. Homosexuality by its very nature is sexually deviant, perverse and while claiming freedom actually becomes oppressive. Homosexuals are using police, courts and human rights commissions to silence any and all opposition to their sexual perversity here in Canada. A Catholic Bishop in Calgary and a Catholic magazine in Toronto have recently had “hate” complaints laid egainst them for presenting moral and theological arguments against homosexual marriage and adoption. Very tame statements but still considered illegal by homosexual extremists. This years Edmonton shame parade was tax funded, the police participated in the march. While it wasn’t as bad as the Tornto parade I can see its heading there. At least one queer marched with crotchless leather pants and his bum full exposed. Homosexuality is about deviant sex. You can’t make it clean. The sooner we l;earn this maybe the sooner we will make it illegal.

Posted by Bill Whatcott on October 11, 2008 at 09:22 PM | #

Latvians are a species in danger of extinction (they are minority in their own country). Since they never had the balls to rule themselves (always under other 3rd party rule) they are now thirsty for opportunities to attack, steal or destroy other people in their land. Just to feel they are in power… But while they manage to do it on the outside, inside they are simply hopeless. Get a grip you Latvian people and grow-up!

Posted by John Smith on October 19, 2008 at 08:22 PM | #

All I can say is that I’m glad I live in a civilized place like Toronto rather than a place as backwards and hate-filled as Latvia.  One might almost think that this site is anti-gay.

Posted by Alex on December 05, 2008 at 12:29 PM | #

What’s civilized about Toronto? Sodom parades where folks recklessly infect eachother with HIV and a host of other sexually transmitted diseases? Or maybe the crack addicts who rob old ladies and wander around Regent Park spaced out on drugs make Tornto a more enlightened place than Latvia? Anyways why is Latvia hate filled because they don’t want homosexuals prancing around naked on their streets demanding special rights for their sexual behaviour?

Posted by Bill Whatacott on December 05, 2008 at 11:58 PM | #

Like most media, I’m sure the photos and the story relating to this march are only centering on the most BOLD and OUTRAGEOUS people in the parade.  I would bet money that for each of the nude people in the parade there were 100+ that weren’t (and most of these people would most likely be the same type of people you live beside or work with every day).  Just like on the evening news, they find the dirtiest, dumbest, ugliest, most toothless hick to interview because it’s what people notice. Come on people, use some common sense when reading or watching news or news events.  It’s never exactly how it’s being presented my the media.

Posted by Robert Williamson on December 06, 2008 at 05:54 AM | #

BTW… who said religion ruled the world and what they say goes? Considering everyone against homosexuality uses a religious viewpoint I find it hard to understand, especially in a country (USA) where separation of church and state is supposedly fundamental in the legal backbone and democratic functioning of the government.  However, we all know the church rears its ugly head when someone steps out of line.  Hmmmmm, I remember when that happened in history and each time the outcome was the same.  Wonder when that will occur again?

Posted by Robert Williamson on December 06, 2008 at 05:59 AM | #

I dont see why people can be so up in arms against Homosexuals and Lesbians.
i mean, what have we done to hurt anyone?? nothing at all.
all we do is Love, but because we arn’t loving who you want us to love, its now a sin?

doesn’t god love everyone?
dont we desserve to have happiness?

think about it, how would you feel if you were beaten up, egged, ridiculed, harassed and pushed around everyday for being Hetero?

its not fair! all we do is Love, thats what this is about and for some reason, our love isnt good enough?

well me and my girlfriend will continue to Love, no matter what, because its who we are, and we have done nothing wrong ^_^

Posted by LLY on January 30, 2009 at 03:26 AM | #

While it wasn’t as bad as the Tornto parade I can see its heading there. At least one queer marched with crotchless leather pants and his bum full exposed. Homosexuality is about deviant sex. You can’t make it clean. The sooner we l;earn this maybe the sooner we will make it illegal.

Posted by Visitor on February 26, 2009 at 07:03 PM | #

Amen Visitor!!!!!

Homosexuality is not harmless. I lived in Downtown Toronto for 10 years and was forced to endure the annual homosexual pride parade every year. A group called the Raeliens marched in the Toronto homosexual parade with signs advocating the abolishment of age of consent laws designed to protect children from sexual predators. When I would go outside and walk through the revellers on the sidewalk I would receive unwanted sexual advances from intoxicated mostly naked homosexual men. The spread of HIV/ Aids by promiscuous homosexuals is not victimless. The burden on health resources and the cost in human suffering is enormous.
I believe homosexual behaviour should be illegal. I also believe men and women who are motivated to leave this perverse lifestyle can do so with the proper supports (

Posted by Bill Whatcott on February 27, 2009 at 07:43 PM | #

Bill Whatcott, You are a MORON. To say that homosexual “behavior” should be illegal would include a large percentage of heterosexual men who have effeminate qualities.  Or were you trying to say you think homsexual SEX should be illegal but you couldnt get your victorian mind out of the gutter to say the word S E X.  And if you lived in a building SMACK in the middle of the parade for the last 10 years, what were you doing walking on the sidewalk amongst all these people KNOWING you were going to receive “unwanted sexual advances?” I still believe the reason you see people act that way in parades is because of people like you that want to lock us all in a dark dungeon somewhere.  If you would accept who we are and not provide the ATTENTION to those acts, they would go away.  But no one seems to mind when college co-eds have their “naked runs” across campuses and through towns.  They actually do these things quites often all across the country, but no one really seems to care about those heterosexuals and thier inappropriate nakedness.

Posted by Roibert Williamson on March 01, 2009 at 01:06 AM | #

This site’s author is apparently interested in appearing measured, but it’s obvious where his sympathies lie.

Several factual bits he’s brought up I essentially agree with (or at least find plausible), though I don’t think it could be more obvious that he’s interested in casting gay people in a negative light (noting that they didn’t choose to be gay is glaringly obvious to anyone with more than a pulse).

I don’t think gay men are much different in their tendency to be interested in weird sex acts (in any non-trivial sense) from straight men, but think they have more opportunity to express that.  Men in general are more interested in weird sexual acts than women are, but this often turns women off.  They’re also interested in having more sexual partners.  Thus, when women are no longer a limiting factor, they have more sexual partners (duh).

The parades pictures above don’t strike me as fundamentally any more shocking than things you’d see at Carnival in Brazil or equivalent Mardis Gras and Spring Break celebrations throughout the west.  And really, I think that anyone who considers public nudity on par with throwing feces is going easy on the feces-throwing apes.

The people who would outlaw homosexual activity outright seem to be a mix of people who think it’s gross and people who buy the Christian or Muslim superstitions.  The former isn’t much of an argument (Who cares what you think is gross?), and the argument from magical beings shouldn’t form the basis of law in a civilized (and therefore secular) country.

It’s really no wonder that the General Social Survey shows that it’s generally dumber people who are more anti-gay.  Dumber people are also more likely to confuse “gross” with “morally wrong” and to believe in magic.

Posted by Tvoju Matj on March 06, 2009 at 03:01 PM | #

Robert Williamson hit on an important point here.

A lot of the reason for the flamboyant behavior is specifically to make people with an inherent revulsion for homosexuality uncomfortable.  Good for them.

As far as HIV is concerned, if that’s one’s real concern, then one ought to be campaigning for sex education and condom availability and testing too.  Of course, I suspect it’s more than that that’s behind the “homosexuality should be outlawed” folks (i.e. the HIV references are a rationalization).

The totalitarian instinct is to outlaw anything that creates any problem rather than to try to work on other solutions.  Want a lower murder rate?  Simple.  Just remove any rights to privacy and due process and turn the country into a police state.  Someone’s arguing that their rights are violated?  Just beat them, and ask them whether the cost of their “due process” and “privacy rights” are any consolation to the victims of murder.

People who would not accept having their freedoms taken away (including something like being forced to be celibate) often have no hesitation doing it to a minority group they’re not a member of.

Posted by Tvoju Matj on March 06, 2009 at 03:15 PM | #

Your site is interesting, thanks for nice article.

Posted by Angelina12 on March 24, 2009 at 04:22 PM | #

The Pope is right, condoms are not the solution. Condom education and availability has been widespread in Canada and Europe’s homosexual subculture for more than 30 years now. Homosexual AIDS infections in North America’s condom saturated big cities still rival and surpass Sub Saharan Africa, 3 decades into the AIDS epidemic. HIV is only one concern I have with homosexuality. I am also concerned with aggressive and dishonest homosexual indoctrination of our young children in Canadian public schools. I am concerned about dishonestly positive portrayals of homosexuality in our media, as the media denies any link between homosexuality and rampant urban HIV infection rates. The media tries to downplay disproportionate molestation of boys by male homosexuals. I am concerned about homosexual lobbying for hate crime laws and speech codes to make what I am saying here illegal, notwithstanding the fact everything I have said in this post is true. I am concerned about graphic nudity and homosexual sex in public during homosexual pride parades. I believe homosexuality is wrong. I believe a morally coherent society (which Canada is not) has the right to demand homosexuals refrain from sodomy. I believe men and women struggling with unwanted homosexual desires can find help and freedom from their affliction

Posted by Bill Whatcott on March 25, 2009 at 03:27 AM | #

BILL:  I’m wondering how many gay pride parades you’ve actually attended or your just spouting from what someone said that someone said that someone saw. 

In your reference to homosexuality and AIDS and the indoctrination of children, blah, blah, blah.... This really sounds a lot like what YOUR type of people felt about blacks and made the same reference to syphilis.  Things never go out of style, they always come back around in a decade or two don’t they.  Not just in clothing and trends, I guess the same can be said about bigotry and ignorance.

If you really had an open mind, you’d be able to look around you and see there are a lot more important things in the world to complain about than exposing kids to just another culture.  Kids aren’t being “indoctrinated” to being gay or anything of the sort.  There isn’t a hidden agenda to draw these children to the Dark Side (couldn’t help the comparison.. LOL).

Also, where are you getting your facts about the #’s of HIV indected people in the US compared to places in Africa?  On that same hand what are you talking about when you say “dishonestly positive portrayals of homosexuality in our media?” And where has the media ever denied that HIV infections in urban areas is higher?  Also, it’s not the media that, as you say without proof, that downplays the amount of homosexual men that are molesting our male children.  It’s been proven time and time again by many professionals and polling statistics that the falsehood of men abusing male children has been a result of religious backing and ignorant people who only responded with these feelings because someone would tell them something and not for what they actually knew as the truth.  Most of the hate and bigotry, no matter what population is targeted, always comes from what is spread by word of mouth and not by an INFORMED public who actually knows the statistics and facts behind such rumors.

You have stated that everything in your post is true, please tell me how you know this to be true.

For someone that is homosexual to refrain from sodomy does not have any bearing as to being homsexual.  Do you even know what sodomy is? 

The only reason people go into the so-called reversal therapy is because they are forced to deo this by society and their own ignorance.  Reversal therapy has been investigated by the phsych profession on all fronts and has been found to be nothing more than a religious scam.

Please, if you are going to state you know something to be true… first, at least try to explain why it’s true and second, make some real educated sense in making these statements.  I don’t care what your opinion is, no matter how wrong it is Mr. Whatcott.

Posted by Robert Williamson on March 31, 2009 at 07:14 AM | #

Nuke all freakn weird un-natural mutant gay freaks who are an abomination of human biological processes of the natural world and screw religious bs and Humans in general are stupid but making laws to justify n backup gayness is almost as stupid as the biggest conspiracy of all, religion!  Wait till the science finds the mutations in the genome of humans and CORRECT the mutations of gayness. BOO!


Posted by G on May 03, 2009 at 09:30 AM | #

Gayness is an inevitable evolutioanry DEADEND! lol

Posted by G on May 03, 2009 at 09:32 AM | #

Too bad that like others have said..Canada n similar countries who have enacted gay friendly laws have succumbed to the usual suspects of human weaknesses, money, power, politics so in the end society have degenerated more and now we have a world where the puny minority of gay freaks are seen and accepted as EQUAL to normal heterosexual human beings and THAT is PATHETIC.
Finally LOGIC, Science and Natural laws of nature does not support the basis for homo freaks for of the previous reasons of finality of species, human evolutionary DEAD END! You freaks wouldn’t have been born if it weren’t for the normal heterosexual HUMANS!


Posted by G on May 03, 2009 at 09:38 AM | #

Its really really sad how you seem to picture this, G.
Everyone seems to be so caught up in this site that they are not paying attention to the basci and simple fact of their being absolutly nothing wrong with being Homosexual.

i want one person to tell me what is actually wrong with being gay. and i dont want you to say it has to do with religion, because thats just a cop out. i want some proof we are doing wrong.

and for Bill Whatcott, i just would like to say that you claim ‘The media tries to downplay disproportionate molestation of boys by male homosexuals’ well, i noticed how you can sit there and claim that more boys are being molested by homosexuals, but where is your proof? and dont you dare use a tally. that is nothing more than numbers on a page that prove nothing at all except that someone knows how to write.

I HAVE SAID IT BEFORE AND I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, ME AND MY GIRLFRIEND WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY, and you know why? because we are happy with who we are, where we are.
we love each other and nothing you say can change that.

TO EVERYONE WHO IS GAY, BI, LES OUT THERE- dont forget, love is not wrong, not now, not ever. dont let these pricks tell you how to live.

xoxox =^_^=

Posted by LLY on May 04, 2009 at 03:38 PM | #

Who said religion has anything to do with anything and stupid human morals n ethics? It’s all about SCIENCE. When humans find out all the scientific evidence for what causes the mutations in the genetic code that produces gayness which is the minority trait opposing nature’s natural processes of human and animal kingdom in general continuation of the evolutionary and prosperity of species by heterosexual behaviors then this minority trait will be shown for what it is, mutation from the natural norm. If nature intended gayness to be a sole survival trait than any species would have quickly become extinct within a generation. There has yet to be any study that shows definitive proof that gayness was or is a survival feature that benefited the whole of humanity.
The typical stupid excuse of religion to backup this explanation since religion as a concept is the biggest conspiracy that human kind has ever come up with and amazingly how present day humans can still believe that crap of irrational garbage but that is a whole other argument that science can overrule easily.
It is blatantly obvious that peoples of same sex are not biologically compatible since it is related to the biological mechanisms that nature and evolution of biology and human psychology have produced over the entire time of human history.  Vagina was made for a penis and vice-versa.
Do what you feel you like but one cannot dispute scientific facts and reality of human biology.
Goes to show how the world has been stupid is stupid and will always be stupid in some sense.

Posted by Alien on May 11, 2009 at 08:34 AM | #

What rubbish! This has got nothing to do with Science or ‘mutations of genetic code’. There are lots ofvtraits in all creatures which ate not simply there for reproductive purposes. If that were the case, nature would stop producing stupid people or people with different’s a huge leap to even say that gayness is genetic: there is certainly no scientific proof of that either.

Your comments ate somewhat ignorant and demonstrate only a weak grasp on genetics and science in general. In short, your prejudices are masksrading as scientific fact far from proven methinks.

Posted by Shemale County on May 11, 2009 at 08:50 PM | #

Sooner than later science will find the genetic mutations and human conditions that produce such homosexual behavioral traits and then humanity will have the tools to eliminate such characteristics that does not follow the normal heterosexual functions for the continuation and survival of the human species. It is like a weed that needs to be uprooted for the normal grass to grow aplenty.  No one can stop the progress of science no matter what human stupidity can counter with much less acknowledge the very laws of nature and natural selection in regards to the progression of the evolution of the human species.
Flame all you want but one fact still remains: homosexuals will not be sustained by future generations since their offspring will not exist since same sex coupling is biologically impossible.
Wouldn’t be surprised if some higher alien species get a good laugh at the stupidity of humans and such evolutionary dead-end of the homosexuals.

Posted by Alien on May 12, 2009 at 04:18 AM | #

"You don’t see heterosexuals parading around, flaunting their sexuality.  Keep your perversions to yourself.”

I live in a small town in Ohio. I am gay, but have never taken part in a gay pride parade, and have never performed “in the buff” publicly at one of these events. On the other hand, I’ve seen more flaunting of heterosexuality in my small college town than I want to see in my entire life. It sickens me. Why can’t heterosexuals keep their disgusting relationships confined to their homes?

Posted by Jason on August 27, 2009 at 05:37 AM | #

if your so up in arms about this all being about science, and evolution then i can quite easily say.
yes, it is TRUE that the human body was desinged a way so it can reproduce man with female.
But the human mind is a great creation, it gives us choice. choice to be who we want to be. be with who we want to be with.
some gays and lesbians still keep the human race going, by using methods other than being in relationships (romatically) with each other.

People should feel proud of who they are. there is enough hate in this world as it is. why do you people feel the need to create more?
what possible reasoning could you have for it?

sometimes, love is all someone has, and Love, in all its MANY forms, shall continue on.

Homosexual realtionships are just another part of life. they have always been there and always will be.


Posted by LLY on August 27, 2009 at 11:54 AM | #

For me, personally, if professionals cannot come to a conclusion, I certainly don’t know the answer to the question whether homosexuality is a learned or inherited behavior. Until I can answer that question, I cannot draw an equal sign between gays and Jews.
<a rel="follow" href="">ejaculare precoce</a>

Posted by Abby on October 20, 2009 at 04:32 PM | #

Im a fifteen years old pansexual male.
Erik, you are incredibly homophobic, you show little regard for other peoples feelings, and crudely explain your reasoning why homosexuals are Perverted or deviant.

Heterosexual individuals are just as or more perverted and deviant than any type of sexuality. Why is this? The majority “leaders” of our world say that homosexuality is wrong and immoral, and its a sickness or choice.
We are not sick and we do not choose to be who we are, its is scientifically proven that one is born homosexual,bisexual,asexual,heterosexual, and pansexual.
Your sexual identity is just like your eye,skin and hair color it can not be naturally changed.
Just because it is legal for those people in the photographs above to be in the nude and play out sexual scenes does not mean that every person who is LGBTPA will do the same.
I myself do not condone public nudity, but I am not against it.
The human body is beautiful and if someone wishes to expose themselves that is what they want, so more power to them.

You cannot preach that there should be laws against homosexuals, we as a group of people did not do anything to you, nor do I see how someones’ sexual preference affects your like in any way.
I wonder if you see a gay couple who are deeply inlove with one another, are jealous because you are lonely or have not found someone that you can spend your life with.

I agree with LLY no one can give a clear answer why homosexuality is wrong, it is always religion this and aids that, AIDS is more wide spread in TEENAGERS because the media portrays sex as being fantastic and the “cool” thing to do, So until ever person who is HIV/AIDS positive is counted up and split into their different “areas” then we will see which type of person has the highest AIDS count.

Love is not gender or ethnicity
Love just is.

Posted by Chrissy L. on December 04, 2009 at 10:15 AM | #

Oh, I love this:

“Comment: Protest in this form is obviously socially unacceptable. However, when the tables are turned, i.e., critiquing/protesting homosexuality is a criminal offense, then we observe the following during gay pride events.”

So the message is, if you live in a society where anti-vilification rules haven’t been applied keep flinging the dung. It’s the only way to stop all those displays of public nudity. After all, what self respecting heterosexual would do such a thing? No need to feel guilty about chucking poo. Blame all those sick, twisted, deviant, psycho, demented, perverted queers. They make you do it. As I’m sure you’ll be only too ready to rationalise, it’s for their own good.

Righteous people everywhere unite. It’s toilet time!

Posted by Neil on December 04, 2009 at 11:45 PM | #

AIDS = Arse Injected Death Sentence smile

Go riddence to all queers

Posted by Go Fuck Yourselves on December 06, 2009 at 03:54 AM | #

What were they doing wrong?
Nothing that i havent seen during mari gras. they should have every right to marry who they like. im tired of hearing diffrent stuff about why they cant marry who they want to marry. i myself have my own things to saym, which i would love to see people try to top what i have to see.
one of the things i hear all the time is its unnatural, but you are wrong.
This argument, often encoded in the very name of sodomy statutes, betrays a considerable ignorance of behavior in the animal kingdom. The fact is that among the approximately 1500 animal species whose behavior has been extensively studied, homosexual behavior in animals has been described in at least 450 of those species. It runs the gamut, too, ranging from occasional displays of affection to life-long pair bonding including sex and even adopting and raising orphans, going so far as the rejection by force of potential heterosexual partners. The reality is that it is so common that it begs for an explanation, and sociobiologists have proposed a wide variety of explanations to account for it. The fact that it is so common also means that it has evolutionary significance, which applies as much to humans as it does to other animal species.

another thing is when people bring up the bible. Somehow, I always thought that freedom of religion implied the right to freedom from religion as well. The Bible has absolutely no standing in American law (and none other than the father of the American democracy, Thomas Jefferson, very proudly took credit for that fact), and because it doesn’t, no one has the right to impose rules anyone else simply because of something they percieve to be mandated by the Bible. Not all world religions have a problem with homosexuality; many sects of Buddhism, for example, celebrate gay relationships freely and would like to have the authority to make them legal marriages. In that sense, their religious freedom is being infringed. If one believes in religious freedom, the recognition that opposition to gay marriage is based on religious arguments is reason enough to discount this argument.

another thing is people are afride of this “gayness” will be exposed to kids and teenagers in schools.  like it isnt already, its life deal woth it and can anyone point to an example of homosexuality being promoted in the public schools? No. Because it hasn’t happened in any significant way. What is being objected to is tolerance of gays, not genuine promotion of homosexuality. And if tolerance itself is not acceptable, what is the absence of tolerance? It is bigotry. If we do not promote tolerance in the public schools, we are accepting that bigotry has a place there. Is this really what we want?

i would like to think not, and so this is why i belive that you people are stupid and think that you have the right to take freedom of love from people.
and just to add something, you people are always saying its in the bible, its in the bible. well i know forsure it says in the bible, thou shall not judge. but yet you do that anyways, why?
another one is people sin everyday, even you! and talking about children, when i was in bible school, every teacher said “god loves all his children, no matter what.” and then as i get older i see the same people outside city hall screaming “GOD HATES FAGS”. its sad i know but how would you know what god likes and dis-likes.
you people need to get a life and stop trying to destory others. and if you dont like it, turn the other cheek, like what god says to do.

Posted by Nick Jones on December 11, 2009 at 08:26 AM | #

OMG i messed up big time on that last part there, i ment to say you have no right to take freedom of love from people.
i dont need to be sending the wrong mes.

Posted by Nick Jones on December 11, 2009 at 08:37 AM | #

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO Nick Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by LLY on March 28, 2010 at 06:36 PM | #

How the hell did this turn to essay help?
You guys are… freaking retarded, this site is for more important issues like gay rights and yall b trying to advertise your stupid and uesless essay help site!

Posted by Nick Jones on July 29, 2010 at 02:17 AM | #


its not jsut humans that are gay, there is proof that some animals are also homosexual and have homosexual tendancies.

oh, and might i point out, if this was such a HUUGGEEE religious issue, being gay, then why do some of the catholic priests touch young biys and molest and sexually abuse them?
if they are so pure and godly, then why express a sort of homosexuality?

its not a defect, or some sort of fucked up gene. its jsut another state of being.

its not as if there is anything actually wrong with it, its not hurting anyone, its not wagina a war, its not bombing people, its not FLINGING POO, which might i add, is just SOOOOO mature. -.-’

find a shovel, dig your head out of your own ass, then maybe all that crap will stop pouring out your mouths.


Posted by LLY on October 04, 2010 at 01:18 PM | #

LLY great job

Posted by Nick Jones on October 04, 2010 at 05:43 PM | #

thanks, though i did just realise how bad my spelling was. but glad you got what im saying. smile


Posted by LLY on October 04, 2010 at 06:00 PM | #

Nice to have someone who is talking about this, not eassy papers and stupid sh*t like that

Posted by Nick Jones on October 05, 2010 at 09:35 AM | #

fuck i know -.-’

why did they jsut suddenly show up with all this essay crap? its really really annoying me now.

Posted by LLY on October 06, 2010 at 09:30 AM | #

Im starting to guess its a virus or something
I mean no one really gives a crap

Posted by Nick Jones on October 07, 2010 at 12:12 AM | #

Homosexuals are not welcome in Latvia! 

why dont you go to Berlin?  that is Sodom and Gomorra! they LOVE pervert games!

Posted by Aivars on October 08, 2010 at 08:56 PM | #

Listen you little dirt bag, we have every right to be here. There is nothing wrong with us.
The only differace i see between us and you is this… All we want is love, to find someone to love and start a family. Thats my goal and i have tons of GAY friends who feel the same.
And then theres you, filled hate and would post something like that. You ppl are what makes this world filled with hate and anger in the 1st place.
We havent done anything wrong, whats your case? So far all i hear from you ppl is that God hates fags… BS!
I want to hear your compelling argument against us, if you dont respond then you are just some ignorant bigot who has nothing to do.

Posted by Nick Jones on October 08, 2010 at 09:32 PM | #

Nick is exactly right.

you have yet to put forth a single good argument on what is wrong with homosxuality.
everything seems to be god this, or religion that. And in the end, all you seem to have as an argument is based off of what you read in a book about a man who sits in clouds and talks to you in your head.

And thats not as compelling to stop as you may have thought it was.

As Nick said, you are the ones spreading hate, not us. we are mearly trying to love our significant others. LOVE. that is all. we arnt waging a war and killing innocents, not like other do in the name of your god.

Stop with your shallow-minded, dark ages thinking. its getting tiresome and boring.

But then again, if you dont have us “fags and dykes” to blame for your troubles i guessed you would jsut move on to some other group of people, finding some way to tie all of the worlds problems and faults onto them.

Please, for the sake of everyone. GET.A.LIFE.


Posted by LLY on October 09, 2010 at 12:59 PM | #

children should not be “brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is acceptable” because it is not. thank you for this article.

Posted by how to punch on October 16, 2010 at 08:36 AM | #

Thats BULL SH*T! Children are not being brainwashed in anyway, God forbid we try teaching them to accept everyone, but hell lets do it your way and teach em to hate everyone and everything. i mean hay we had hundreds of years for slavery, oh lets not forget hitler. You know your way looks like it has been done… look how that turned out.
And i was not molested as a child, was not touched raped or kidnapped. And i highly doubt that even most gay ppl went thru that. (idiot)
And you know, straight ppl sleep around to, i mean you can say gay ppl sleep with anyone and anything but with all honesty straight ppl sleep around more. Just cuz we cant marry doesnt mean that we just go around sleeping with eachother.
ok, so every you said is just retarded.

Posted by Nick Jones on October 16, 2010 at 05:06 PM | #


it has finally reached a point where you dont have a valid excuse to be assholes towards gays.

all your arguments have been easily ripped to shreds, and now that you dont have any that make sense, your making shit up.

i think its time to hang up your swastikas and KKK outfits.
your done guys.

you DO NOT have any reasoning outside of your own stupididty and bigotry to be assholes to homosexuals.

flinging poo? throwing garbage? beatings? hate crimes? yelling and screaming?
this is OBVIOUSLY the work of such lovely people, such as yourselves.
if this is the sort of TOURMENT and HATE that your god wants to put forth to the world, then id rather honestly go to hell with my girlfriend and my HAPPY and LOVING HOMOSEXUAL family.


Posted by LLY on October 17, 2010 at 03:02 PM | #

Right on LLY!
I love how when i said make a valid point that Gay ppl are bad he says we brainwashed kids. Cuz you know thats high on our lists to do.
Yeah and Gay Bashings, have you heard of any of us going around straight bashing.

Posted by Nick Jones on October 17, 2010 at 10:28 PM | #

i think they gave up finally lol

Posted by LLY on October 29, 2010 at 01:45 AM | #

Yeah i think they are gone, just shows that they really dont know what they arre talkinjg about.

Posted by Nick Jones on October 29, 2010 at 01:56 AM | #

Gay clubs in Riga are, though, marginalized and stigmatized. By making this into a big secret (forcing people to stay silent) we then force their behaviour into the dark corners and reinforce a belief that it is, in fact, wrong. Gay behaviour is not wrong.

I have been to enough drunken pilsetas svetki here in beautiful LV to know that gays do not have any sort of lock on off colour behaviour. In fact I would rather a bit of flaming good fun, then drunken follies.

Mosaic and the other orgs in Latvia have never been the violent ones, the anti-praid ones have. Simply looking for an acknowledgment of rights by govt and society is not violent and aggressive.

Clear this up for me- how is it not homophobic to say that the rights afforded to heterosexuals, should not be enjoyed by homosexuals? People in the anti-praid movement don’t say “okay, all in good time” they say “never”.

Posted by Concerts torrents on November 15, 2010 at 01:29 PM | #

Posted by LLY on November 27, 2010 at 03:55 AM | #

How human being can do that? What happened in Latvia is really pathetic. I am confused about the governor. What was he doing that time? This kinda protest just brings disaster. None society gain from this kinda incidents about throwing human sits and eggs. They are just like us. They are brother and sister like us. That’s why these countries like Latvia and others is not seeing the light of developments. Thanks for this article.

Posted by Akea on November 27, 2010 at 12:57 PM | #

I still don’t understand how people can still act like this towards someone based on their personal beliefs and preference.
We are humans!
I SO can’t wait till the day when gay people get their rights and those people that were against it have to explain to their children and maybe even grand children when they are old like… “yeah sorry, it was just a diffrent time… i totally didn’t mean what i said and did”
We will have our time, maybe not now.... but soon.

Posted by Nick Jones on November 28, 2010 at 05:34 AM | #

Не размещайте объявления здесь, это гей веб-сайта. И не многие знают русский, так почему бы писать так, как это?
Oh and for those who didn’t understand what i said

Do not post ads on here, this is a gay web site. And not many people know Russian, so why write like that?

Posted by Nick Jones on November 30, 2010 at 12:07 AM | #

I’m curious as to what it said....

Posted by LLY on November 30, 2010 at 02:19 AM | #


Dude, you’re the best argument for abortion that I have ever seen.

Posted by Rain on December 18, 2010 at 01:55 PM | #

Sorry for the above Robert. I intended to say ERIK. Not you.

Posted by Rain on December 18, 2010 at 02:01 PM | #

happy, well-educated, homosexual, evangelical Christian, married to a gorgeous gay Indian Hindu man.  We have sex every day.  I love God, Jesus, my mother, and him.  He loves God, his mother, and me.  We don’t have a problem being gay and being happy.  So, if you have a problem:  go get therapy.

PS:  Jesus Christ never said One Single Thing about homosexuality.  Not One.

Posted by Dave on February 28, 2011 at 11:00 PM | #

Ahh, but you see it wouldn’t surprise me if they begin to recreate the bible, again, so as to make it seem as though jesus hated homosexuals. Just like they cut out all the female priests and their contributions.

people are horrible sometimes and will do anything to get rid of what they can’t understand.

Im proud of you Dave. Your life sounds beautiful. I’m so happy that despite all the hate and cruelty, you’ve found your man and began your life together. Its inspirational to those of us who have been forced to live lies so as not to undergo beatings and torment by our supposed “peers”

I hope you both have the perfect life, because just like every other human being, your deserve it.

Much love from myself .xx

Posted by LLY on March 01, 2011 at 02:40 AM | #

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