Supporting Materials

Some examples of the contrast between fashion and glamour models.

Chapter 7 (faces): The comparisons below contrast some high-fashion models (left) with glamour models, and illustrate well the greater facial masculinization in the former, reflecting the preferences of homosexual fashion designers. See also a comparison of gracile fashion models with gracile glamour models, robust fashion models with robust/masculinized glamour models, the cheekbones of fashion models and glamour models, and pictures of high-fashion models with faces approximating those of adolescent boys.

High-fashion models (left) tend to have more masculine faces than glamour models.

Chapter 7 (physique): When top-ranked female models, i.e., high-fashion models, have the physiques of the women shown below, what kind of people are responsible for selecting such looks? See additional examples of high-fashion models with physiques that approximate the looks of adolescent boys.

High-fashion models tend to have the physiques of adolescent boys.

Thanks to gay fashion designers, even fashion models that are used to sell lingerie or swimwear happen to possess masculine features, though these women tend to be more feminine than the norm among high-fashion models.

Some examples shown below: Eva Herzigova (first row), Rebecca Romijn (bottom left), Vendela Kirsebom (bottom right). See also more on Eva Herzigova, Rebecca Romijn and "sexy" fashion models.

Even fashion models used to market lingerie and swimwear tend to have masculine features.

Homosexual fashion designers come up with the "clothes hangar" argument to explain the thinness of high-fashion models. The following woman is near-flat-chested and doesn't have curves that will come in the way of displaying clothes, but one wouldn't be seeing high-fashion models like her because she is too feminine for the tastes of the homosexuals. See additional examples of women with small breasts that look much more feminine than the typical high-fashion model.

A glamour model with small breasts that is too feminine to be a high-fashion model.