In a brief review such as this, it is impossible to describe the tremendous diversity, the nuances, the profundity, and the richness of the sexual behavior of homosexuals. We have considered various behaviors that homosexuals find erotic, rich in symbolism, heavily dependent on shared meanings, recreational, and as described by the literary genius, William Burroughs, even divine.1 More importantly, a good number of homosexuals feel so blessed at being who they are that they can't but pity those who don't share their noble passions, and the resulting haughtiness is evident in any gay pride parade.

The question whether homosexual behaviors are normal concerns some individuals, but this paper contends that labeling homosexual behaviors is not necessary; rather, a description of homosexual behaviors speaks for itself. On the other hand, given the behaviors we have considered, questions as to the mental health status of the practitioners arise. Read about homosexuality and mental health issues.


In a nutshell, the gist of the sexuality information presented is that compared to heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals are relatively overrepresented among individuals with paraphilias, non-paraphilic sexual compulsion disorders, and disinhibited sexual interests. This conclusion is:

  • ...fairly robust to problems with individuals studies or some anecdotal evidence cited. See the requirements for a reasonable inference mentioned in the introduction and further elaborated on in a book. The conclusion is supported by some random samples, too. Those who insist that multiple lines of evidence do not converge to the aforementioned conclusion of the sexuality section – due to the use of non-random samples or some anecdotal evidence – need to cite a comparable number of studies/papers of similar or better quality to back up their critique.
  • ...consistent with increased psychiatric morbidity among homosexuals and bisexuals.
  • ...consistent with plenty of evidence relating nonheterosexual outcomes to prenatal developmental disturbances (documented in a book) since developmental disturbances are more likely to increase the odds of disinhibition than inhibition when it comes to brain systems dealing with aggression, eating and sexuality.
  • ...consistent with evidence relating a large number of homosexual/bisexual outcomes in both men and women with excess prenatal testosterone exposure (documented in a book). The prevalence of paraphilias, non-paraphilic sexual compulsion disorders, and disinhibited sexual interests is much higher among men than women, which suggests that masculinizing factors explain a significant proportion of the variance in such outcomes.


  1. ^ His quote: "I see god in my asshole in the flashbulb of orgasm" (Naked Lunch)