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Appendix 9.4 ( Homosexual Behavior among the Sambia)

Appendix 9.4 in the book describes ritual fellatio among the Sambia, a tribe in Papua New Guinea. This update provides some information on a similar practice among the Gebusi of Papua New Guinea.(1)

The Gebusi, another Papua New Guinean tribe, have also traditionally practiced ritual fellatio along with shamanism, sorcery, and high levels of violence. The Gebusi ritual fellatio practice consisted of boys in their mid- to late-teens fellating older males as part of elaborate rites of male initiation. As among the Sambia, some Gebusi boys were able to bypass the requirement of fellating older males. Additionally, some Gebusi adolescent boys also engaged in homosexual activity with their peers, losing as much semen as gaining it from adult men.

Ritual fellatio and shamanism appear to have disappeared among the present-day Gebusi, who have modenized rapidly; some Gebusi even regard their indigenous customs as "ignorant, silly, or stupid."(1) As other Melanesian tribes indulging in ritual homosexual acts become increasingly modernized, these rituals will likely also be on their way out.

Bruce Knauft with the Gebusi.
Shown above: Bruce Knauft with the Gebsui in 1981;(1)the Gebusi practiced shamanism and sorcery then.
Modern Gebusi male.
The 1998 photograph to the right, taken by Bruce Knauft, features a modern Gebusi male...a big change within just two decades. Several Gebusi are now even affiliated with the Catholic Church, and it is not the Catholic missionaries that are responsible for the demise of ritual fellatio, but the gravitation of the Gebusi away from the shamanistic system that ritual fellatio was a part of.(1)


  1. B. M. Knauft, Ann Rev Sex Res 14, 137 (2003).

Appendix 12.2 (Homosexist Discrimination)

The book mentions 21 items describing homosexist discrimination. Item 18 is updated below and new items have been added.

18. Appreciating diversity(1)

Ann Arbor Public Schools will have to pay Betsy Hansen $102,738 (“$87,601 in attorney fees and $15,137 for expert testimony, depositions and other costs, plus $35 in damages from the defendants”), according to a ruling by a federal judge. This adds to the district’s own legal bill at $330,627. Homosexuals and homophiles should learn that suppressing free speech can be costly.

22. Christian Fired for Refusing to Sign a Pro-Homosexual Policy(2)

Albert Buonanno of Denver had been working for AT&T for two years till in 2001, he, along with other employees, was required to sign a "certificate of understanding" that required employees to “‘fully recognize, respect and value the differences among all of us,’ including differences in sexual orientation.”

“Buonanno said he was willing to pledge not to discriminate against or harass anyone, but he felt that he could not in good conscience sign the "certificate of understanding" agreeing with the new policy.” Buonanno noted that as a Christian, he loved and appreciated all people, irrespective of their lifestyle, but that he could not value homosexuality or non-Christian religions.

Buonanno was fired by AT&T. Buonanno sued and a federal judge sided with him, ordering AT&T to pay him $150,000 for lost salary, 401k matching contributions, and emotional distress. The judge did not find AT&T Broadband guilty of direct religious discrimination against Buonanno but noted that AT&T failed to prove that it would experience "undue hardship" in accommodating Buonanno’s religious beliefs.

23. Is Respect for “the Natural Family, Marriage and Family values” Homophobic?(3)

Regina Rederford and Robin Christy, employees of the city of Oakland, CA, placed the following flyer on an employee bulletin board (“where a variety of political and sexually oriented causes are promoted”) on Jan 3, 2003:

Preserve Our Workplace With Integrity
Good News Employee Associations is a forum for people of Faith to express their views on the contemporary issues of the day. With respect for the Natural Family, Marriage and Family values.
If you would like to be a part of preserving integrity in the Workplace call Regina Rederford @xxx-xxxx or Robin Christy @xxx-xxxx

Two of their supervisors (Joyce Hicks, deputy director of the Community and Economic Development Agency, and then-City Manager Robert Bobb) had the flyer removed the same day.

“In a Feb. 20 memo announcing a newly revised workplace anti-discrimination policy, Hicks noted recent incidents of employees "inappropriately posting materials" in violation of that policy.” Referring to the flyer posted by Rederford and Christy, Hicks noted that “Specifically, flyers were placed in public view which contained statements of a homophobic nature and were determined to promote sexual orientation-based harassment.”

Rederford and Christy sued the city of Oakland and their supervisors. In 2004, a U.S. District Judge dismissed the suit against the city but allowed the suit against the supervisors to proceed.

24. Gays Harassing Straights (link)


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