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Chapter 1 updates.

Section 1.4 (The Nature of Left-Handedness: A Clue to Understanding Homosexuality): On page 19, footnote #19, I mentioned a study that revealed a higher prevalence of adopted boys—compared to the general population—among clinic-referred boys with sex-identity disorders. Here is a related find; more homosexuals among adopted men than non-adopted men:

Fewer adopted men (8/23, 34.8%) self-identified as heterosexual than non-adopted men (619/1016; 60.9%) (chi-squared(1) = 6.4, p = .01). Sexual orientation was also analyzed by Kinsey scales, and we were able to redefine bisexuals as those scoring 2–4 on the Kinsey sexual attraction, history or dream scales. After exclusion of these “true” bisexuals, 9/23 (39.1%) adoptees were heterosexual compared with 630/994 (63.5%) nonadopted men (chi-squared(1) = 5.7, p = .02).(1)

The setting of this study from London is described toward the end of this note.


  1. M. King et al., Arch Sex Behav 34, 117 (Feb, 2005).